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"Heather connects so well with each kid she teaches. She works with the level they are at yet challenges them at the same time. The drawings my son has done with Heather are amazing. She teaches art and so much more." - Julie F.L.


"My Son - "Heather is so kind and creative. I love her ideas. I'm glad she showed me soapstone. I will miss her!"
Me - "Heather's understanding personality is one of the glowing aspects of "Art for Two" that makes it so very amazing. She brought creativity and excitement out in my otherwise reserved child. Seeing his excitement before and after class was inspiring. She will be sorely missed by both of us!" - Fabienne A.

"The best of the best. Inspires my son, he loves to go to Heathers and make beautiful things. She will help him create no matter what he's interested in!" - Kathie C.

"Grace cannot stop talking about her first art class with Ms. Heather! Looking forward to more in the near future." -Donna S.T.



"Heather is amazing. We discovered Art for Two shortly after we began homeschooling and her classes have become one of our son's most favorite things. She has a knack for connecting with kids and meeting them right where they are. Her studio is a happy, creative, judgement-free space and the art that comes out of it is so, so special." - Ali W.L.


"Sam LOVED his time with you. He came home inspired and drew for two days straight. Can't wait until next week!" - Kathi C.




"Heather basically made the opposite of my child's art class at school. It's not loud, crazy, or overcrowded. And my child isn't doing the same thing as everyone else!" -Lucy P.
"Special thank you to Heather at "Art for Two" with Heather Sky Fulton! You are such a wonderful teacher - Grayson was so proud of his 1st place drawing at the Franklin County Fair"  - Amy B. 

Heather's Art for Two format for her art classes lets her do what she does best. She really hears her student.  She does not impose her vision. The format is rewarding for both in the partnership because the student makes art s/he is really pleased with.  The fruits of Heather's actual presence when with her students are amply documented in word and image on her fantastic website--her online presence.    - Sharon S.

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